Vegan sweets and chocolates

Indulge without compromise

Going vegan does not require you to forfeit chocolate. Our dark chocolate creations have always been vegan. We use pure cocoa and exquisite ingredients like orange peel, ginger or mint to create vegan confectionaries that pack a flavor-punch sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Our gummies and fruit spreads are made with high fruit contents, eliminating the need for animal-based gelatines. So go ahead and add Leysieffer's vegan chocolates and gummies to your shopping list.

Vintage Chocolate 85% "Arcango Noir"

Semi-Sweet Chocolate

Noveltea Celebrate Limited Edition

Vintage chocolate 99% "Noir intense"

Vintage Chocolate 70% with Ginger

Vintage Chocolate 70% with Orange

Bitter-Sweet Chocolate "Les Extra fins"

Jelly Fruits

Variants from €6.50*
Marzipan Log with a Semi-Sweet Chocolate-Bottom
with Chocolate-Base

Jelly Fruits

Marzipan Log with Semi-Sweet Chocolate
with Chocolate

Variants from €4.20*
Semi-Sweet Chocolate with Ginger

Fruit Spread - Strawberry