Our manufactory

Craftsmanship - an affair of the heart.

The name of the game to ensure the success of our manufactory is to master the craft so that art can emerge. That is why we employ only the finest bakers and chocolatiers.

Stir, knead, decorate, garnish, shape...

There is the kitchen, where we cook the fruit spreads in copper pots over an open fire. There is the confectionery where the fancy cakes are made: layered, filled and decorated by hand. Next door, our chocolatiers are decorating the pralines and truffles. Other employees are standing by the cooling paternoster and carefully removing the chocolates from the molds. In the marzipan department, we shape little works of art such as lucky charms, figures or decorations for cakes. And wafting over it all: the aroma of spices, chocolate and fresh fruit.

“If you want it to turn out good, do it yourself.”

At Leysieffer, machines are only used where they support people. They would never be able to replace them here. Taste, texture, appearance and feel are all part of our products. And that is why we prefer to rely on people. People who have learned their craft and are familiar with, understand and live our philosophy and our understanding of quality.

The consistency with which we live and breathe “manufactory” is also demonstrated by our packaging philosophy: We package every praline, marzipan heart and even pastry manually. Each package is designed by hand. Every motif on our labels is painted by hand and each greeting card is handwritten.