Fine dark chocolates

Bold aromas and smooth textures

Leysieffer's fine dark chocolates consist of 70%, 85% or 99% finest cocoa mass. With such a high cocoa content, the selection of cocoa beans is particularly important. Only the highest quality cocoa beans from owner-managed plantations in Central America, Indonesia and Ecuador are good enough for our fine dark chocolates. These cocoa beans bring a particularly intense aroma with them, which our chocolatiers skilfully shape into top-quality chocolate bars. The particularly high proportion of cocoa mass negates the need to add sugar. Our dark chocolates are therefore also suitable for customers who are mindful od their sugar consumption.

Vintage Chocolate 85% "Arcango Noir"

Vintage chocolate 99% "Noir intense"

Vintage Chocolate 70% with Ginger

Vintage Chocolate 70% with Orange

Bitter-Sweet Chocolate "Les Extra fins"