Fine marzipan

Pure almond joy

Leysieffer's fine marzipan consists of a particularly high almond content of 52%. For the raw mass, Mediterranean almonds are blanched and mixed with fine-grained sugar. No further sugar is then added to the raw marzipan mass. This gives our marzipan a wonderfully intense almond flavor and makes it much less sweet and finer in consistency than industrially produced marzipan.

Marzipan Christmas Tree

Marzipan double Heart

Marzipan double heart in dark chocolate

Marzipan Gingerbread Man

Marzipan Loaf with Semi-Sweet Chocolate

Marzipan Log with a Semi-Sweet Chocolate-Bottom
with Chocolate-Base

Marzipan Log with Semi-Sweet Chocolate
with Chocolate

Variants from €4.20*
Marzipan Potatoes

Marzipan Potatoes

Variants from €5.90*
Marzipan Santa Claus

Marzipan Smiley with Milk Chocolate

Marzipan Smiley with Semi-Sweet Chocolate

Marzipan Smiley with White Chocolate

Marzipan Snow-Man

Marzipan-Heart with a red Heart