Chocolates and truffles - the small but fine difference

7 October 2020

In the German language we distinguish between pralines and truffles. A praline is a small, filled chocolate. All truffles are pralines, but not all pralines are truffles. Because truffles are a special "species" among pralines. Unlike other pralines, truffles are injected and rolled, their filling is firm and does not melt when the shell is bitten into. Their name comes from the fact that their outer shape reminds us of the rare and precious truffle mushrooms. To us, truffle pralines are not rare, but at least as precious - and much more delicious.

Dreamy truffle creations

The heart of our truffles is their fine ganache filling, refined with spices, flavors or spirits. We sprinkle the truffle mass in small portions on a firm base with a dough syringe and then dip it with a truffle fork into pre-tempered couverture of milk, dark or white chocolate. When the couverture has dripped off, we roll it - depending on the type of truffle - in sugar, powdered sugar or cocoa powder and let it harden.

Perfect pralines

But we also do not want to neglect our non-truffles. Because all our pralines are small confectionery works of art, of course handmade and a combination of first-class chocolate and high-quality ingredients. Our Classics, for example, a blend created according to old family recipes that have been handed down through the ages, with exquisite ingredients such as fine marzipan, selected almonds and fine distillates.
Of course, the special species among the chocolates at Leysieffer are the Himmlische - a real secret recipe from Karl and Ursula Leysieffer from 1950. With their melt-in-the-mouth filling, covered in milk chocolate and the typical sugar crust, the Himmlische are the specialty of the house and also the unbeaten favorite among our customers.
But there are also people for whom the Himmlische are too sweet. For example, our production manager, who prefers the nut nougat brittle pralines, or our marketing employee, a true Montblanc lover: "A touch of kirsch with a whipped butter mass, coated, dipped and then on top a sugar top like the Montblanc snow cover - wonderful!
In the end, personal taste is always the deciding factor - and we have the right thing for everyone.