The art of tempering chocolate

7 October 2020

Not all chocolate is created equal. If you love chocolate, you will notice the difference at the first bite and often even at first sight. But how do you create the perfect chocolate? The art lies in combining exquisite ingredients with the mature skills of master chocolatiers. Just like with Leysieffer.

As fine and noble as it gets

First-class cocoa beans and high-quality cocoa butter are the basic ingredients of every Leysieffer chocolate. The pure chocolate is refined and refined with selected nuts, spices and fruits - naturally with an extra-large portion for the ultimate gourmet delight: for example, a 100 g bar of chocolate contains a full 22 g of dried fruit.
Once the chocolate has been filled into the mold, it is first subjected to a shaking process. It is shaken so that the air bubbles that it still contains come out - for a fine, even consistency. Each mold is then sent through a small paternoster elevator to the cooling unit, where it remains for a good hour until the finished chocolate is carefully removed by hand.

Tempering chocolate at just the right temperature

Contrary to what many believe, the optimal storage temperature for chocolate is 18 to 19° C. In the warehouse at Leysieffer, strict attention is paid to this. If, for example, the chocolate is stored too cold in warm weather, it will start sweating immediately. Leysieffer's Chocolatiers recommend that chocolate should not be stored in the refrigerator at home either, as some of the aromas might get lost. Chocolate is like wine - the temperature must be right to allow the taste to develop fully.

Speaking of taste: whole milk, semi- sweet or white, nutty or fruity, sweet, salty or hot - the range of chocolates at Leysieffer is so diverse that it's hard for chocolate lovers to make up their mind in front of the shelves in the store or on the pages of the online store. And anyone who has ever tried to find their way through the different varieties knows that each is simply delicious in its own way. The favorite among Leysieffer customers is the macadamia nut variety. Chili is also popular, as are the varieties with a high cocoa content of 70, 85 or even 99%. But the latter is really a matter of taste.

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Bitter-Sweet Chocolate "Les Extra fins"
For the production of our "Les Extra Fins", the extremely fine chocolate bars, more is needed than carefully selected cocoa beans, namely time and patience. The beans are roasted really slowly and the conching of the cocoa mass takes several days. However, after you have tasted this dark chocolate bar with 61% cocoa content, you will understand why we devote so much time and attention to this product. Because it deserves it! And you deserve it, too!


Semi-Sweet Chocolate with Orange
With this semi-sweet chocolate, the orange comes through as a very light fruity-sweet note, but leaves the chocolate with its tart aroma. So you pamper your senses in a very special way. An experienced chocolatier knows just with imagination how a certain chocolate may taste. So we had a precise idea of the taste of this Leysieffer chocolate bar with orange even before it was produced for the first time. In fact, it exceeded all expectations. If this idea starts warming your heart, then you should definitely give this chocolate bar a try.


Vintage chocolate 99% "Noir intense"
Our vintage chocolate bars come with a cocoa content of 99% - this is pure cocoa indulgence which can only be topped by the aroma. You should treat this chocolate bar just like a good wine: Store it dark at a constant temperature and protect it from air. By the way - talking of wine: Why not indulge in our vintage chocolate bar together with a good red wine? This combination is truly delightful.