Meet Leysieffer

A family-owned company since 1909.

In March of 1909 Ulrich Leysieffer found his true love in Osnabrück - not only once but twice. He married his wife Emilie only one month after they realised their dream of owning a confectionery cafe. His regard for the highest quality, his keen sense for entrepreneurship - he was a merchant’s son - and of course, his wife, who quickly became the heart and soul of the cafe, made the company a success from the very beginning.

Through good and bad times.

The signs of the times would also leave their traces on the cafe. The cafe was badly damaged during the 2nd World War. Son Karl followed in his father’s footsteps, rebuilt the cafe with his wife Ursula, daughter of an Osnabrück grocer, and together they continued with the life’s work of his parents. Karl’s big passion were pralines. He used every free minute to tinker with recipes for the little delicacies, which included the Himmlische. Today they are not only a classic, but are still the most popular praline produced at the Leysieffer manufactory.

From Osnabrück to the whole world

The increasing demand for the delicacies of the Leysieffer Manufactory encouraged expansion. The opening of the branch in Friedrichstraße on the island of Sylt, which is still popular today, made Leysieffer a nationally known synonym for indulgence. In order to continue to supply the enthusiastic holidaymakers at home, branches followed in Munich, Berlin, Hamburg and many more. 
At the same time, Die Himmlische gradually developed into an ambassador for Osnabrück. Ministers, chancellors and royalty all over the world enjoyed the delicate praline. A proud achievement that is all due to the dedication of our chocolatiers to their beloved craft.

Time for new, old values

It is these employees that have carried the company and the Leysieffer brand over the past 111 years and continue to do so. Through the good times, but also through the bad. We are proud not only to be a family-run company, but also a company for families. Families who, together with us, are shaping and realizing the vision for the next century of Leysieffer.

A central component of this vision is the contemporary interpretation of indulgence. Through our own manufactory and in association with friendly manufactories, we offer you what Leysieffer has always stood for: The enjoyment of good things. The enjoyment of things that are made with the same dedication to craft that Ulrich Leysieffer infused into the company's DNA from day one. Whether it's a freshly baked ice cream cone, gently roasted coffee, or our cult classics like Die Himmlische.